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To Provide The Best Solution For Sustainable Development

Within the short period of time since our establishment in 2013, we have been involved in several major projects mostly located in southern Johor. We have been delivering the best quality of services for our clients. Our team are well trained to provide excellent consultation services, field works, monitoring, survey activity, laboratory analysis and preparation of technical report. As a fast growing environmental consulting firm, we always aim to be one of the leading consultancy firm by striving our best to fulfill our clients’ needs and satisfaction.

We believe in sustainable developments. In every project that we have been involved in, we always aim to provide our clients with the best solutions available to ensure the projects activities will not only comply with the regulatory requirements, but also will cause minimal impacts towards the human and environment. Despite that, we are always aware with the clients other priorities such as cost and project’s progress target. Our experienced and technically competent team has enabled us to provide solutions that meet all of the client’s need and requirements.

  • To be Malaysia’s leading consultant in providing our services.
  • To provide quality services to our client.
  • To provide solutions that meet all of the client‘s requirements.
  • To add values to our services